installed navit dev version 0.5.5 from developer site (fdroid is still 0.5.0) and compiled my preferred osm map bin by myself. this looks good. more tests needed, but till now really cool.

#Amazon Sidewalk will create entire smart neighborhoods. Here's what you should know

This is an opt out system meaning it will be enabled by default. Not only does this pose a major security risk it also strips away privacy and uses up your bandwidth. Having a mesh network connecting to tons of IOT devices and allowing remote entry even when disconnected from WiFi is an absolutely terrible security practice and Amazon needs to be called out now!

So, my sister’s cat..always pees in the toilet. Sometimes she’ll be home alone and hear him just go. This is the BEST THING EVER. Listen to the end Bc it’s hilarious! 😂
#caturday #cats #catsofmastodon

really interesting. even has a different concept there are lot of requests from bloggers wanting to use the system to get subscriptions, support or donations by their readers. Looks like CPV.Agency is the only one where people get the payment into their accounts not the account of the platform.

Because everybody has his own site, feel free to open your blog at CPV.Agency for monetarizing your content. Test is free.

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it is really amazing that taking down the books on Amazon, moving with some friends to a self hosted shop version needs month to make sales again.

Now after a very long time, where most people would have run back to Amazon begging for sales, it starts to grow again.

responsibility, strong back and standing hard to own decissions is always the best and now sales grows great. And nobody cancels accounts, books or anything else.

Am Ende: Verschlimmerte Infektion?

Die besten aussichtsreichsten Impfstoffe wurden an Frettchen getestet, bei denen Lungeninfektionen den menschlichen am nächsten kommen. Die Frettchen zeigten zwar eine robuste Antikörperreaktion - das Maß für die Zulassung von Impfstoffen -, aber sobald sie mit dem natürlichen Virus konfrontiert wurden, wurden sie schwer krank und starben [3].

CPV.Agency addresses the big problems of bloggers through the possibility of being directly supported by readers.

CPV.Agency adressiert die großen Probleme von Bloggern durch die Möglichkeit von den Lesern direkt unterstützt zu werden.

Six Reasons You Should Delete WhatsApp

It’s time to choose a more trustworthy messenger service.…


WhatsApp really, really wants to access all of your #contacts, and not just those who use the platform. According to their terms of service, users “provide the phone numbers of #WhatsApp users and your other contacts in your #mobile phone #address book on a regular basis. You confirm you are authorised to provide us such numbers to allow us to provide our services.”

Technically, you can refuse access, but WhatsApp will reprimand you by not showing any of the names of your message threads – pretty annoying for a #messenger platform – and will prevent you from making calls or starting group #messages or broadcasts.

If you do allow it access, WhatsApp will be able to read the information of everyone from your gynaecologist to your dealer. There’s ongoing debate as to whether or not this is even #legal under The #EU’s General Data Protection Regulation #GDPR, which forbids the sharing of personal #data without consent. Say you know someone who doesn’t use WhatsApp, but is saved as a contact in your phone. Their #phone number is shared with WhatsApp, without their #consent.

#privacy #security #technology #Signal #telegram #Threema #wickr #wire #WA #facebook #instagram #news #e2ee #google #apple


looks like with we created a high flyer. never in the last 40 years there was a response like this.

beta testers loves it.

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wow finally we are only days before opening for the beta testers. all in time as planned.

we run a sql cluster splitting tables into 4096 databases and scrambled upload dirs to be able to serve millions of users. really cool.

doing final tests and adding a few more servers to the www and sql cluster, then we will start the fun part :-)

can't wait.........

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Bin mal gespannt, wenn Autos und andere mobilen Fahrzeuge in die Luft fliegen, wie das dann ankommt.

Jeder IT Admin einer größeren Anlage hat so eine Explosion im Serverraum schon gehabt. Zumindest nach Schwefel stinkende Batterien die sich schon nett aufgebläht haben ist das MInimum einer längeren Tätigkeit.

Die Autos werden vermutlich dann mit älteren Batterien und Schnellladung hochgehen.

E-Bike-Akku zerstörte Wohnung

Updated Mastodon to 3.2.1. We are online again.

looks like a strange german email server blocking most other mail servers. will add a note to shop customers to not use emails from them when ordering. crazy way of spam filter rofl.

while talking to
<<< 554 IP=x.x.x.x - A problem occurred. (Ask your postmaster for help or to contact to clarify.) (BL)
554 5.0.0 Service unavailable is contacted to check inet access ... Above setting stops contacting this Google Server and removes the no Internet connection message. - 2/2

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17.1 Upgraded the first A5 to 17.1, rooted it and again block most all system apps from accessing the Internet. A very few allowed via Tor. inbound all is closed too. Access to my Servers (all static IPs, which should be standard for everyone in IT biz ) allowed via custom scripts.

The missing degoogle part was

settings put global captive_portal_mode 0

In terminal. Fucking hidden transmission. Otherwise says no Internet connection because - 1/2

Meanwhile the project is near beta test ready and will be open for beta testers in november.

There is a final question in regards to /wp-content/uploads/sites/SITEID . I have not found a good way to split these subdirectories into /siteidchar12/siteidchar34 .. to be able to handle unlimited sites. currently this is kinda limited to 32000 before slowing down.

wpcontent in sql would be cool

boot welcome

on the second start on box 2 it stops starting. moving everything back to 68.12. Looks like 78.3.1 is still bugy. Does not start anymore.

XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Nicht definierte Entität
Adresse: chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xhtml
Zeile Nr. 1640, Spalte 9:
<toolbarbutton id="appmenu_customize"

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