there was still 1 unmonitored account for@eurafri . Because twitter immediately suspended my personal account @JochKarl, which was created to let people who asked for it a few days ago to follow my private blog, I learned how they troll people with their ""support"" site if an account is suspended. This is a joke I have no time to be part of. That is why also @eurafri Twitter account was deleted just now. @eurafri friends, please use RSS or preferred Mastodon to follow.

FOSS, Free Open Source Software kostenlos bewerben:

Speziell für ICH-AG's und kleine Unternehmen hier Presseaussendung und Redaktionelle Berichte kostenlos einreichen:

Selfpublisher, Bücher kostenlos bewerben:

Bitte boosten damit wir zeigen können, dass im Fediverse wirklich auch Leben ist!

hand burning like hell afzer 25km. but nature is cool. the last days and 1976 it was fully filled up andnow small and lovely like always

We are mit in planning a new EURAFRI project and are collecting information about the Seychelles:
- availability of broadband internet
- status of IT people, available local staff
- general IT education of the people there
Please boost making it possible to collect as much info as possible.

after month retried to order a PINEPHONE - Beta Edition with Convergence Package Linux SmartPhone but they still have no EU compliant VAT handling, ignoring the fact that somebody can have a VAT number and in that case they have to ship without VAT.

Looks like they will never learn this..... :-(

If you are on 1.38.0 you should update to 1.38.1 asap.

shows it is great to use nokia d130 no cam, no internet + mobile wlan hotspot (prepaid sim) with tablet or smartphone connected via wifi, so there is no phone number on smartphone or tablet . reduces attack surface massive and keeps one protected as good as possible. to be secure has priority over design.


Auf den Spuren von Neo: Bei der Entwicklung des #TI-Messenger setzen wir auf das Matrix-Protokoll von, das den hohen Anspruch der Interoperabilität gewährleistet. Mehr Informationen dazu in unserem Konzeptpapier auf unserer Fachportal-Seite:


So? Thoughts? I am still thinking that Matrix is a very good alternative to all messengers out there. Has it all. Sure, the criticism is valid that they rely so much on so does mastodon on a few instances and the rest of the fediverse. Is it resource hungry? sure...but so are many other federated platforms...

Am probably going to make our Matrix instance public and who knows maybe we will move our chats there....I see so many open source projects using is a way to also connect with them. Germany’s national healthcare system adopts Matrix! |

Die jetzt entdeckte Schwachstelle wirft natürlich gravierende Fragen auf. Wieso wurde ein solch kapitales Problem, welches seit 2018, also fast drei Jahren, besteht, bei internen Tests durch Microsoft nicht aufgedeckt. Denn vor der Windows 10 Version 1809 wurden die ACLs für die Hives korrekt gesetzt.

Updated to v3,.3.0 . All good, great work. Thank you

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