just upgraded to 102, works really great. since a long time and still looking for a way to fully colorize calendar events and not having this small colored vertical line on ligthning.

boost welcome.


Hörenswert: "Politisches Feuilleton - Deutschlandfunk Kultur: Mündige Menschen im Digitalzeitalter - Lernt endlich programmieren!"


entered again for a 25km part of the route. Sidenote: Germany still feels like digital outback in regards of connectivity. So no image after 3 tries.....

i just shot myself. updated an older server to 13.1 . this server had 5 to older (2.4.4) which should be updated later. but nur i run into the problem that 13.1 has no or blowfish for phase 2 and for whatever reason both phases on aes does not work. sitting already 10 hours, do not want to go back to 7.3 there. Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

interesting. Riding day. 2 problems with the bike, one kinda heavy as the backside wheel moved and the chain jumped off. Could fix all and while continuing the ride,my thoughts far away, I ended up 5meters to a huge deer who stands in the little river. I thought about a pic, but after we had a deep eye-to-eye look I decided to leave without it. He was not looking happy about our meeting........

Ramsay Hunt syndrome following COVID-19 vaccination

Is pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/349870 , which belangs to National Institutes of Health (NIH) a serious source?

They reference a bmj.com article which is linked under "Full text link".

Looks like both are USA based, so any followers from USA maybe can tell if these stuff is serious

Da fahren Scholz, Macron, Draghi und Co. in die Ukraine, besichtigen zerstörte Städte und laufen bei der ganzen Aktion wie im Foto Studio mit Maßanzug, Krawatte, weißem Hemd und den genagelten schwarzen Glanzschuhen rum.

So ein Auftritt geht ja wohl gar nicht und noch viel schlimmer, in keinem Medium wurde das bekrittelt. Man ist erschüttert.

Seit 2020 können Ärzt*innen Apps verschreiben. Wir haben uns zwei Anbieter angeschaut – und kommen zu einem vernichtenden Ergebnis: zerforschung.org/posts/datenab

Wow, just set up my own RustDesk (rustdesk.com/) server in a few minutes (github.com/rustdesk/rustdesk-s) and I'm now able to provide remote desktop support to my parents on the other side of the earth without the scourge of TeamViewer or the complexity of VNC using all my own kit. And it performs amazingly well!

It looks like the @eurafri German and English language #Mastodon Instance related to #dog and #cat is not very successful in getting new users. We decided to approve each registration and let the users write why they want to join to avoid spam accounts filling up the server. Also #animal #rescue and #shelter accounts are welcome to make Fediverse a place to #find them #new #homes. Unsure if writing to add the Instance to joinmastodon.org is a good idea. Lets see over the summer

#dogs #cats

needed a new way to open ext. links in new tab. Found no example if own site is in links of older posts: layouts/_default/_markup/render-link.html

<a href="{{ .Destination | safeURL }}"{{ with .Title}} title="{{ . }}"{{ end }}{{ if and (strings.HasPrefix .Destination "http") (not (strings.HasPrefix .Destination "kmj.at")) (not (strings.HasPrefix .Destination "wmv7y4mytoraddy.onion")) }} target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"{{ end }}>{{ .Text | safeHTML }}</a>


@eurafri Nach den neuesten EU Gesetzen, welcher im Sommer dann wirksam werden, kann man Autos nur mehr als kaufen und diese lange pflegen. Niemand will und im und dass alle Daten zum Hersteller gesendet werden. Und für was Menschen, die im Schnitt 10-30km am Tag fahren, 100 benötigen, ist auch mehr als eine oberflächliche Frage. Eurafri wird eurafri.com/de/projekte/pad-fa nun stärker voran treiben. (2/2)

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(1/2) @eurafri Gestern habe ich geglaubt, wenigstens ein hat verstanden, dass der nicht vom werden wollen. Diese beginnt wirklich gut, die Frau sagt dem noch, dass er nicht alles weiß und schaltet das . Ich glaubt wirklich an ein Auto dass keine beinhaltet. Uns dann per , sagt Sie , sag alle Termine ab.

We appologize. gohugo.io 0.100.x removed BlackFriday and uses Goldmark only. This caused the script rebuilding the website to fail and the site responded with 403. Now all is working again. Rolling our the site to IP4 and Tor Net now.

due to all the produced noise and the problem that bing does not give good search results for my own websites i switched partially to startpage. will keep ddg browser on phone as addition to and but looks like an own instance would be cool.

#202206 Updated my Friendica Ibicadi.com Instance to 2022.06. All looks good. Need to recheck Forum posts are working again.

@rysiek I think, more interesting than the implications for the autopilot crash statistics themselves, this is an excellent case against self driving cars. Drivers must be liable for their faults in accidents, but when companies, that operate self driving cars, refuse and avoid liability then they can't be allowed to continue operating.

next try of in bike mode on a Austria/Germany tour. Probably another 60 km. Love it.

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