preparing my @eurafri NPO project for after Corona times 🙂 EURAFRI is a non-profit business networking platform to create new business, opportunities and jobs related to Europe and Africa. New members are welcome!

SEARCH: we need a experienced team member to handle the EU administration relationship.

Feel free to message me via Riot or mail me at .

Please boost, Pador is special

checked out which is a nice concept. Email server as chat server is fine, but then problems with huge freemailers blocking small servers comes up again. Like Yahoo and MS randomly block small servers . People are to lazy and to greedy to leave these free services so there would be need for some single binary email server running as tor hidden service making it possible for non techies to run their own chat server, hiding their ip and avoid the standard mail hacks.


A guy on reddit reversed engineered #TikTok

Here’s what he found on the data it collects on you

It’s far worse than just stealing what’s on your clipboard:


update worked perfect. we are online again:

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Updating to Mastodon 3.1.5. Instance is offline for a short time.

ok, we dcided i buy another sun chair. the one i brought home today is lost :-)

is there any platform except youtube where I can place some intro and tutorial videos without to high costs?

04. Juli – Wochenkommentar von Ferdinand Wegscheider

 15. Jun | 07:22 Min

Im neuen Wochenkommentar ziehen wir heute eine erste Bilanz über das subversive Treiben rund um den Erdball, in dessen Windschatten wir endlich die herrschende Gesellschaft ruinieren, wir bringen neue Beispiele der Sprachpolizei und freuen uns über drastisch erhöhte Förderungen für Elektroautos!

a few websites hiding behind cloudflare and blocking tor users are very bad in the sense of privacy. as much as possible these sites should be avoided as any sites using g analytics, scripts, fonts and other 3rd party stuff for tracking and collecting user data. good to see things slowly changes.

is there any comnand line tool reporting all loaded css, js, aso. elements of a web page. but must list dynamicly loaded ones too. searched, but gound nothing.

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