we need a alike for too. too much people thinks internet is available without breakdown or government shutdown. we should start a new project.

@markus no, must be short wave frequency based for long distance energency usage with low traffic messaging and alerting

Ham radio? It kind of predates the internet by about a century

@61 ham radio would be able to work over long distance and is long time approved to work. ip router based on ham radio would be a cool base for an emergency network

Yup. Do note that you require a licence conferring the appropriate privileges before you can transmit #APRS data.

More info here:


Good luck, it's a fascinating field! 👍

@61 @kmj I can also remember a Bluetooth-based network setup for messaging, which was used during Hong Kong protests to avoid censorship. worked well, although using many hops to ship a message to a recipient.
should work well in a city area, though tough for crossing city borders

@61 @httpeter p2p/bluetooth is maybe very good local, but emergency backup ihmo should be able to work over hundreds of kilometers/miled.


It is captivating stuff though. Not an amateur myself although I do have a professional R/T licence as a commercial pilot.

Nowadays it's mostly internet wherever you are in the world, thanks to VSAT and Thuraya/Iridium/Inmarsat, but I have fond memories of working an SSB radio back in the day as your only means of communication with the world while stationed in hot & sandy places.

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