I have been tasked with setting up a #matrix server for my company.
I want it to be easy to maintain and set up. Is it a good idea to use the #debian package that @matrix provides?

Last time I used it, the syntax of the homeserver.yaml change or something, and considering that synapse is using a "HUUUUUUGE" config file instead of many small ones does make it annoying to upgrade if stuff is deprecated or added into the config


Why do prefer FreeBSD for it? What advantages does it have compared to Debian?

@selea It is maybe a personal decission, but I love FreeBSD sind V2.11 and have nearly all Servers on it. Slim and easy to manage. Only have a very few servers, like Asterisk, Mastodon on Linux.

All Desktop Workstations, Laptops aso. are on Debian here. Love it for Workplaces.

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