Ordered some books in order to get my HAM-radio certification. And when thats done I can finally start building some AREDN nodes

A friend of mine just put up the first node in Sweden, hopefully our project can grow into a bigger network soon

It is quite cool how an #AREDN node can be built with relative cheap hardware



A "emergency mesh network" basically, so you can communicate even if everything goes down :)

@selea I gotta get me some of that. What do I get and where?


If you have "Amatörradiocertifikat", you can build it with some of the hardware listed here:


So not really any kind of exclusive hardware either :)


What is the size of the area you can send to and receive from your home and at which speed? The mesh idea is cool.

Depends on the hardware - but from what I have seen, it is between 30 and 60km,
Directional antennas is even more powerful


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