AS long as you have the rain coat with you t does not start to rain....

interesting. Riding day. 2 problems with the bike, one kinda heavy as the backside wheel moved and the chain jumped off. Could fix all and while continuing the ride,my thoughts far away, I ended up 5meters to a huge deer who stands in the little river. I thought about a pic, but after we had a deep eye-to-eye look I decided to leave without it. He was not looking happy about our meeting........

next try of in bike mode on a Austria/Germany tour. Probably another 60 km. Love it.

trying in bike mode on a 50km Austria/Germany tour. Was kinda impressed which routes it finds.

on the last 2 million km driving only had 2 flat tires, but since more and more computers are in the cars I had 8-10 broken sensors....... so in most cases the control system is broken, not the controlled part..... :-(

gestern hatten wir beim Shooting für das @msgmagazin richtig viele große Spielzeuge :-) Das Model hatte mit dem Bagger richtig Spaß :-)


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