According to researcher Bob Diachenko, who discovered the database was accessible to anyone capable of running a web browser, the nearly 250 million Customer Service and Support (CSS) records, contained logs of conversations between Microsoft’s support team and customers around the world.

#debian if you run sid you do not need to build in a new network card like i have done. Problem is in ufw with new iptables version, blocking all traffic as result.

Basierend auf den schockierenden Zuständen haben wir entschlossen das Eurafri Projekt um ein Müll und Plastik Entsorgungsprojekt zu erweitern.

Wir suchen noch für dieses mehr als notwendige . Kontakt gerne unter Riot/Matrix:


Die Gründer haben das Projekt 2019 mit ca. 40.000€ unterstützt.


look how much insurance cases ends up at court right now. furthermore you will never have autonomous only in the next 100 years.

city and countryside, second is fully different and more and more people will leave cities because of the ongoing changes soon again.

People living in cities needs service cars, or nobody will come repair the toilette. Workers already do not accept jobs in cities or areas where they can not drive too and park. Or it becomes really expensive.


ich sehe das seit eh und je so, dass jeder seine Instanz betreiben sollte, bzw sich kleine Gruppen zusammen tun. Mastodon ist ja wirklich easy zu betreiben.

Das ist ja immer voll witzig. Irgendeiner der großen Miner hat Probs und die Leute bekommen Herzinfarkt. Muss deren Leben eingeschränkt sein.........

i still think e-motor is ok, but power must be produced in the car. batteries destroys huge parts of countries in south america for lithium + 80.000 liter water / 1000 kg of lithium.

furthermore these chinese cole based power production.

if batteries used every country must produce and recycle all needed batteries inside the country or pay high fees for destroying other countries and counting the CO2 in the country of usage not the country of production.



i included setup on in my setup tutorial.

curl and wget only needed for setup plus bash package.

works like a charme on lot of servers

because of the variations, autonomous only, autonomous + old style, .... i do not think politicans will take responsibility and furthemore even if there is a law, lawyers will always go to court to judge all variations with the version to stop all autonomous ones till judges found a decision. endless stories...
@dublinux @loke

autonomous IMHO has decades to go. some people arguments pro them, but all of them will run away after the first death or bigger damages. who will go into jail for klling somebody, especially if the algo e.g. killed a mother with kid because for the algo this was the lowest dead rate compared to another autonomous decission.

CEO, developer, dealer, salesman ... who, or maybe all, in jail for murder?

to much things are open. status alpha at tge moment.

@dublinux @loke

Need to bring up the cleanup stuff once again. My database uses around 1.3 GB, but the folders around 12GB. is there any possibility to cleanout the folders meanwhile.

Instance only has a very few users, local stuff should be keeped.

i would only use my home country domain from the country ones. Otherwise com, net, eu, or some of the new non country related ones.

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