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I will need the help of Android developers.
I recently used a lib that includes Glide 4.8.0 (same version that Fedilab uses)

I got this error:
D8: Program type already present: com.bumptech.glide.GeneratedRequestManagerFactory
I tried to exclude the dependency from this lib without any success.


If you had already encountered this issue, I would appreciate your help :)

building an 2 on top of to have with as first . more sp's will follow
. @eurafri project needs a cool setup for its members. moving forward fast.

will be finally registered in ~ 6 weeks. jobs in our organization and first opportunities will be posted soon in the forum. stay tuned, feedback to the project when talking to people is great. we move forward fast and enjoy it. ghana locals feel free to contact us to discuss your chances in our projects!

But some experts who have examined the stolen data said the techniques used in the attack were relatively basic and spoke more to a lack of adequate data protection measures than the hacker鈥檚 ability.

鈥淭he reason for the success of the attack does not seem to be the sophistication of the hacker, but rather poor security practices at the NRA,鈥

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