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trying in bike mode on a 50km Austria/Germany tour. Was kinda impressed which routes it finds.

Looks like Kernel 4.18 on has a small problem :

Jun 9 08:01:07 ws01 kernel: [ 39.795984] loop20: detected capacity change from 0 to 8
Jun 9 08:01:07 ws01 kernel: [ 39.796223] Dev loop20: unable to read RDB block 8
Jun 9 08:01:07 ws01 kernel: [ 39.796361] loop20: unable to read partition table
Jun 9 08:01:07 ws01 kernel: [ 39.796367] loop20: partition table beyond EOD, truncated

Back to 4.17 to be able to load lightdm and xfce

The problem with killing the concept of passwords in favor of solely using hardware security tokens that rely on a single button press:

The "something you know and something you have" turns into only "something you have."

If someone gains access to your token: game over.

Back to LOS 18.1 20220530 with full reflashing the ROM, Magisk and TWRP. Needed a few tries, but now all works again. No setup or Datas loss.

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Looks like the 20220606 just partially killed my plus setup. Does not boot into recovery anymore and magisk install says n/a so it kills afwall+ too and opens the well protected phone to attacks and data transfer of apps not allowed to use the internet. Wtf.....

on using stops reporting to the recorder if the phone locks itself which happens while riding on the bike.

Same thing works on Samsung a5 device.

Using moving mode.

Is there any known solution ?

Europol erhält neue

Durch die neuen Befugnisse für Europol wird die Analyse massiver personenbezogener Datensätze mit -Mining zu einem legitimen polizeilichen Ermittlungsinstrument in Europa. Auch das Zentrum gegen Kindesmissbrauch wird im Hauptquartier Europols angesiedelt sein.

My pet peeve is when journalists refer to Twitter as the Internet because:

1. Regular people rarely use Twitter
2. Technically-inclined people don't prefer Twitter
3. Other social media services, such as Reddit, have as much usage as Twitter
4. Twitter isn't even where most Internet memes are generated

Dear journalists, if you believe Twitter is representative of the Internet, it's because you're stuck in an echo chamber. Get off Twitter. Go use the actual Internet for once.

Pic is relevant.

Private Chats ausspionieren ist Ihnen nicht genug, nun soll durch die Hintertür auch noch eine Vorratsdatenspeicherung und Netzkontrollen kommen. Dieser Angriff auf unsere Freiheitsrechte muss dringend gestoppt werden! #Chatkontrolle

Die wirklich allerdümmste Möglichkeit zu ist es, diese so zu gestalten, dass bei deaktiviertem eine kommt und wenn man JavaScript enabled, sofort massiv gegen die verstoßen wird, in dem alle ohne bekommen.

Irgendwie darf jeder ohne Ahnung Webseiten machen und diese Leute finden sich auch noch gut. :-(

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boost welcome

on the last 2 million km driving only had 2 flat tires, but since more and more computers are in the cars I had 8-10 broken sensors....... so in most cases the control system is broken, not the controlled part..... :-(

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