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Dezentralization would be a great chance to give people, making some money, up to their full living, out of digital products like ebooks, photos, videos, software support and much more a chance to sell without the big players. Interested ones would be able to follow and buy if interested.

This would work in the same way with classifieds.

Because one must follow to see, it would be non intrusive in peoples timeline.

Ok, der Datenschutztag war gestern, passt aber immer...

Special thanks to @NGIZero for awarding us a grant that saved our project.

Our lead developer lost his job and this grant enabled him to focus on the project full time!


#pixelfed #NGI #NGIzero

we are looking for a with knowledge of . Pleace contact me.

basierend auf die schockierenden Probleme welche wir im Rahmen des EURAFRI Projektes gesehen haben werden wir ein Side-Projekt entwickeln um vor Ort bei der Müll Problematik zu helfen. Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe ist wie immer unser Thema.

Ehrenamtliche Helfer sind gerne gesehen. Wir werden die Projektentwicklung über den Matrix Server von EURAFRI abwickeln. Kontaktieren Sie mich unter .

based on the problems we have seen there we plan an developement project to help cleaning the environment. and yes, I was shocked, so we will crerate a side project developing something there.

volunteers are welcome. we will create a room on our matrix server for discussing the project. feel free to message me

**Sollte ganz gelesen werden:**

Arbeitet eine Behörde mit persönlichen Daten von Bürgern, ist besondere Sorgfalt geboten. Dennoch tauchte bei eBay eine SSD mit Zehntausenden Bürgerdaten auf.

Ende Oktober war Daniel R. auf der Suche nach einer günstigen SSD für seinen PC. Dabei stolperte er bei eBay über das Angebot der

This is the interview I gave Süddeutsche Zeitung this week on surveillance capitalism and Small Tech (in German)

Good luck to my cool podcast partner-in-crime Carole Theriault who is appearing at the LastPass event up in Manchester with Jessica Barker this evening.

I gave her a call earlier today to see if she was prepared and had finished packing her suitcase...

Listen to a 20 min segment of our podcast - about the 2014 Sony Pictures hack - in all good podcast apps: or join us on Patreon for the bonus episode in its entirety.

Wow, just had the Pirates/Greens pick through my EU parliament presentation slides with a fine tooth comb in a phone call and try to get me to change what I’m saying so as not to criticise Facebook, etc. WTF?

Never had anyone try to censor what I say before. Of course I will speak my mind verbatim tomorrow and if anything this means I won’t be accepting any future speaking engagements at the EU parliament for these parties.



CC @Gargron

“Google has begun testing their upcoming extension manifest V3 in the the latest Chrome Canary build … Unfortunately, this change will break popular ad blockers such as uBlock Origin.”



is very proud about the first success story! On October 23rd, 2019 EURAFRI Business Networking Ambassador Maximilien and EURAFRI Members Freddie Shava had a photo shooting presenting African Heritage Clothing samples for the Austrian - Ghana workwear production project created out of EURAFRI Networking members.

The image shows African Heritage Clothing owner Freddie SHAVA (left) and EURAFRI Ambassador Maximilien KPIZINGUI (right) with the African Heritage Clothing team.

[EN] JOBS: PUBLIC RELATION MANAGER GHANA (M/F/Home Office/Freelance/Volunteer)

If you have great writing skills in English we are looking for you to write EURAFRI's PR stories for English language press. If you are based in Ghana with good contacts to Ghana Press/Radio/TV it is an advantage for you. This is an freelance and/or volunteer opportunity with great chances to get additional business from EURAFRI members while they setup their business.

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